The Seedling Token

Deployed on BSC:

Token Utility

Via our launchpad platform, members of our community are provided secure access to sales of blockchain projects that are trusted and have been vetted by our team. Through our tier-less allocation system, holders of the SDLN token are able to lock or burn their SDLN tokens to obtain allocation, which they can use in future seed, private, and public sales of projects launching through our platform. You can find more information on our allocation system in the section on Investment Allocations.

By establishing individual caps, and a fair distribution system, Seedling protects our community backers from the risk of presale dumps. Our goal is to provide projects with a sustainable growth path, and prevent retail investors from being burned by whales selling for early profit as soon as projects hit an exchange.

Stake $SDLN to unlock better valuations and gain priority over other investors.

Token Sale

The $SDLN Private Sale started on the 3rd of December 2021 and was strictly limited to industry experts and leaders that continue to offer benefits to our launchpad such as advisory , and other forms of support.

The Public Sale was open to anyone who completed the whitelist tasks and submitted the verification to the whitelist form. The sale subsequently took place on the 28th of December 2021.

The maximum funding amount per wallet in the Public round was capped at $2,500 USD to ensure a more even distribution of SDLN tokens amongst investors.

Tokenomics & Distribution

Token Metrics

Total raised: $690,000 USD Total supply: 10,000,000 SDLN Token Network: Binance Smart Chain Token Type: Deflationary

  • Seed Round 5%

  • Private Round 20%

  • Public Round 30%

  • Liquidity 15%

  • Team 10%

  • Advisors 5%

  • Promotions 7%

  • Partnerships 8%

Token Vesting

Seed Round: 9 months vesting total. 10% unlock at listing and 10% per month thereafter. Private Round: (industry experts and leaders) 6 months vesting total. 10% unlock at listing and 15% per month thereafter. Public Round: 6 months vesting total. 10% unlock at listing and 22.5% per month thereafter. Team Tokens: 6 months cliff. 6 months linear vesting.

Advisor Tokens: 3 months cliff. 6 months linear vesting.

Partnership & Promotions: 20% unlock at listing. 6.67% per month for the next 12 months.

All SDLN tokens from fundraising rounds have already been fully vested at the time of writing, hence there is no more inflationary pressure.

Token Deflationary Mechanism

The Seedling Token is a Deflationary token, meaning it adopts burning mechanisms to reduce the total circulating supply of $SDLN. The creation of this deflationary pressure increases the value of all remaining SDLN tokens.

Burning Mechanisms

Burning SDLN for allocation: Holders of $SDLN can choose to either Burn or Lock their tokens to receive an allocation in upcoming token offerings. Tokens which are burned will be directly sent out of the circulating supply into a “Burn Address” through our burning smart contract. This puts the tokens out of circulation indefinitely.

Buyback Burn on Launchpad fees: Seedling charges a variable fee to projects for Public Sales held on our platform. This fee is usually a percentage of the total funds raised for their project on the Seedling platform. Seedling commits 2.5% of all funds raised on our platform to buying-back $SDLN from the open market, and burning them. This creates additional buying pressure with every Public Sale, and reduces the circulating supply, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Buyback Burn on FCFS Fees: In the instances where the target amount is not raised within the allocation period of a token sale (typically 24 hours), launchpad investments will become available to everyone regardless of their allocation availability. Investors in this phase will pay a variable fee over market price. 100% of this fee will be used to buy back $SDLN from the open market, and to burn them, thus removing these tokens from the circulating supply.

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